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Connecticut Bald Eagle Study Group

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Hopkins, D.A., M.J. O'Leary, J. Victoria. 2009. Whirling - A forensic look at an adult bald eagle behavior. Connecticut Warbler, 29(1):5-9. view PDF article
Hopkins, D.A. 2006. An interpretation of bald eagle nesting biology in Connecticut. Connecticut Warbler, 26(2):65-71. view PDF article
Hopkins, D.A. 2003. Egg turning behavior of incubating bald eagles. Connecticut Warbler, 23(3):96-97.
Hopkins, D.A. and G.S. Mersereau. 2002. Bald eagles build a 'frustation' nest at Barkhamsted reservoir. Connecticut Warbler, 22(1):1-3.
Hopkins, D.A., G.S. Mersereau, A.C. Nordell. 1999. A third adult again assists at a Connecticut bald eagle nest. Connecticut Warbler, 19(1):26-27.
Hopkins, D.A., G.S. Mersereau, M.J. O'Leary. 1995. A third adult bald eagle replaces a nesting eagle. Connecticut Warbler, 15(4):114-115.
Hopkins, D.A. 1992. Bald eagles successfully nest in Connecticut in 1992. Connecticut Warbler, 12(4):121-124.
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Hopkins, D.A. 1989. More on snow bathing. Connecticut Warbler, 9(1):6.
Hopkins, D.A. 1987. Snow bathing by common ravens. Connecticut Warbler, 7(1):13.
Hopkins, D.A., G.S. Mersereau, L. Fischer. 1987. Nesting sharp-shinned hawks in Connecticut.
Connecticut Warbler 7(2):18-19.

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